IMG_7404.JPGRoofing is more than just shingles. The most common mistake when evaluating the best roof for your home is to become tunnel-visioned and address only the shingles and not the entire system. It is vital that you are informed and educated about the entire system. The accessories that go under the shingles are just as important as the shingles themselves. Here are few questions to ask before you install a new roof.

  • What are the manufacturer’s recommended accessories and installation guidelines for the shingle options you are interested in?
  • How is the manufacturer’s warranty affected by the installation of various accessories?
  • What are the best accessory options that can be installed with the particular shingle you are interested in?
  • How will the roof-to-wall transitions be addressed?
  • What are the ventilation options?
  • Can the contractor provide you with information sheets about each accessory they intend to use in the roof system?

All of these questions will have different answers, as there are many accessory options for a roof system. No one answer is totally right; you just need to make sure the contractor is providing you with enough information to make an educated decision on one of your home’s most valuable investments. Roof systems are not just shingles and the accessories used and installed correctly will ensure that you enjoy your roof for a lifetime. Our recommend asphalt roof system is as follows:

  1. Shingles
    1. 6 nails per shingle (required to maintain wind warranty)
    2. GAF Timberline
    3. GAF Designer
  2. Synthetic Felt (waterproof, stronger, lighter and less chance of blow-offs)
    1. GAF Deck Armor
    2. GAF Tiger Paw
  3. Leak Barrier (prevents ice dam damage; installed in valleys, around penetrations, at roof-to-wall transitions, and at the eaves)
    1. GAF Weather Watch
  4. Starter (installed at rakes/eaves)
    1. Manufacturer designed, not 3-tab shingles cut to make starter
  5. Ventilation (ridge vent with adequate soffit ventilation)
  6. Ridge cap (installed at ridges and hips)
    1. Manufacturer designed, not 3 tabs cut to make ridge cap
  7. Drip edge (installed at rakes and eaves)

You would not repair your Honda with Ford parts. The same idea applies to roofing. Use manufacturer-designed accessories to complement your shingle choice. This will ensure that all of the components of the roof system you install were designed to function together and will perform for you for a lifetime.

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