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Ohio Roofing Solutions provides more than awesome roofing services. We  can help you choose and install the right windows for your home, siding, gutters, and insulation.  We can remodel your home, restore, and install stone driveways.  We’re experienced stone-workers including point and tuck work on chimneys, stone walkways,  driveways, and fireplace repair.

We can help you find the perfect window for your new home or fitting replacement windows that you will love.  Our top quality installers install to perfection, we are finished only when the job is completed to your entire satisfaction.

  • "What an awesome company. They cared about what I thought and how I wanted things done.
    I would recommend this company to everyone."

    Leigh Ann Dysart- Columbus, OH.
  • "They did a fabulous job! Phenomenal customer service and attention to detail.
    I would use them again and recommend them to everyone I know!"
    Julie Alpert- New Albany, OH.
  • "Went great. Estimator was friendly and responsive.
    The workers were efficient, professional, and cleaned up the property well."
    Jill Chapin - Dublin, OH.
  • "My roof is perfect.
    I would recommend Ohio Roofing Solutions to all my friends and family members."

    Lisa. - Columbus, OH.


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Roofing systems are just that, they are complete systems that work together to make sure your Columbus home stays dry, warm and insulated.  A roofing system includes gutters, insulation in your attic, the proper shingles, proper flash work on your chimney, water proofing around skylights, and more.  Ohio Roofing Solution ensures that you see the whole picture when maintaining and growing your home investment.

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