Slate roofing has been around for hundreds of years. It has many benefits, but it also has many drawbacks.

slate-roof-shinglesBenefits of Slate

The benefits are the longevity of the tiles: they are essentially stone slabs and are not susceptible to the environment like wood, asphalt or metal shingles are. Also, slate is very low maintenance and requires little to no upkeep besides the occasional tile repair. It is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and in some cases will outlast the actual structure it is on.

Drawbacks of Slate

The drawbacks to slate are the expense and the weight. Slate roofing is very expensive and is not something that your average roofer can install. Slate roofing is also very heavy and usually will require additional supports being built into the roof system to accommodate its weight. These are the main reasons why slate has become more of a specialty system.

Enter GAF TruSlate

This is a revolutionary slate product that will give you all of the benefits of slate roofing without the drawbacks listed above. GAF TruSlate is genuine slate roofing; it is mined in the same quarries as real slate. It weighs significantly less than traditional slate roofing by eliminating the unseen portion of the tile and replacing that with a waterproof membrane.

It is much more cost effective than traditional slate roofing and costs about the same as the imitation slate roofing products on the market. If you’re in the market for slate roofing, be sure to explore the GAF TruSlate line before you make a decision.

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