Ohio Roofing Solutions is a certified lead-safe renovation firm in Columbus, Ohio.

Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Ohio Roofing Solutions team has completed training by EPA-approved training providers and is certified to conduct renovations using lead-safe work practices in the removal and containment of lead-based paint.

Avoid the Dangers of Lead-Based Paint

Lead-based paint, which is highly toxic and can lead to swelling of the brain, brain damage, developmental issues, and worse, is common in homes built before 1978. In addition to the safe removal of lead-based paint, it is important during renovations that lead-safe work practices be followed, including work-area containment to prevent lead paint dust and debris and to minimize exposure to lead paint hazards by thoroughly cleaning the site after project completion.

To protect the health of your family, call Ohio Roofing Solutions at 614-656-2333 for your next home renovation project.

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