6 Common Reasons Columbus Residents Replace their Roofs

Roof Replacement Reasons, When To Replace A Roof, Columbus

In the lifespan of every home, you will more than likely have to replace your roof at some point. We understand that a roof replacement is one of the most significant undertakings for any homeowner. Researching the costs involved in this project is essential during the planning stages of home repair or replacement. Let’s take a closer look at the factors influencing the cost and provide a clear estimate tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Roof Replacement Reasons in Columbus

Types of Roofing Materials and Their Lifespan

Assuming they are correctly installed, each type of roofing material has an average lifespan. At Ohio Roofing Solutions, we work with:

  • Residential Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt roofing is the most common type of roofing material. The average life of an asphalt roof is 10-15 years. 

  • Residential Metal Roofing

The average life of a residential metal roof is 20-50 years

Common Reasons to Replace Your Roof

Storm damage

If storm damage isn’t the top reason for a roof replacement, it is one of the top reasons. Storms can bring many different types of weather, including strong winds, torrential rain, heavy snowfall, or even hail. With any kind of weather, the results will vary as much as the elements of the storm. Contacting Ohio Roofing Solutions after a storm is the best option since they will come out and provide you with a free insurance inspection!

Ceiling spots

When you see ceiling spots, you should take quick action. Usually, ceiling spots are created by leaking water from your roof. It is also important to remember that the water may be traveling to that area, so don’t give up looking for the source if you don’t see if right away.

Excessive algae or moss growth

Algae and mold growth should also trigger a quick response from any homeowner. Not only can algae and mold be detrimental to your health, but it can also be a sign that your home’s structural materials, and maybe even structural integrity, is degrading. 

When To Replace A Roof in Columbus

Damaged flashing

The flashing is a metal barrier that covers the connection points between your roof and things like your chimney, vents, and windows/skylights. These metal strips are what keep those areas waterproof. When there is damage in those areas, they are no longer waterproof and can be the source of water damage. 

Damaged shingles

Whether it be missing shingles or just shingles that have worn down over time, damaged shingles are a major source of water damage in a home. Homeowners should be doing a visual inspection of their home’s roof a couple of times a year, or having a professional roofer, like us at Ohio Roofing Solutions, come out to conduct an inspection. The roof is the first line of defense a home has from the elements, so it is imperative that regular roof and attic inspections are completed.

Buckling, warping, or sagging roof deck

A roof works together to give your home the waterproofing it needs. When the roof is sagging or buckling, the overall integrity of your roof is compromised. During a visual inspection, take a look to see if your roof is sagging in the middle, or if there is any general warping in the roof’s plane. If so, that should be addressed as quickly as possible.

Call Ohio Roofing Solutions Today!

As you can see, there are a lot of things that could be wrong with your roof. Some of these things may be DIY projects, but most of them would benefit from a professional roofing company coming out and guiding you through the process. At Ohio Roofing Solutions, we are built on exemplary workmanship and excellent client service and communication. We have helped many over our 12+ years of business experience navigate the insurance claims process, as well as tackle some of the roof problems listed above. Call us today to see why we claim we are “Covering Ohio with Excellence.”


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