New Albany is a Master Planned Community. New Albany is a master planned community built upon the traditions of small town America. This means the entire city was planned to include bike and running trails, parks and golf courses integrated into the town, shops and offices in the central walking district, tree lined streets; the “livability” of the people was considered when the city was originally built in 1837!  Education Is

Ventilation and insulation are the two most overlooked aspects of a roof system when considering replacing your home’s roof. These two aspects of your home are critical for getting the most value out of your roof possible. Let’s dig into these two parts of the roofing system and demonstrate why replacing them, or installing them in the first place, are vital to the longevity of the roof system that protects

Recently I was having dinner at a friend’s house when I saw on my iPhone a news update that there was a roof collapse in Columbus, Ohio. Being in the roofing industry and with this location near where I work, my heart sank. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Earlier that day it had snowed almost 7 inches. Although 7 inches may not seem like a lot, after several storms it

Many commercial roofing problems arise every year. Most of those problems are from leaks. Leaks come from improper detail work. Whether a patch was not placed correctly or the curbs were not flashed properly or any number of improper techniques used during the roof detail work. This all translates to a leaky commercial roof. Roof Leaks can cost your commercial property money. Tenants of your property don’t like to see

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  If your home is does not have proper windows or insulation you could be losing about 35% of the heat in your house! If you have been meaning to replace those old windows or your walls are cold to the touch now is the time to take part in our Window and Insulation Event! Ohio Roofing Solutions Offers Amazing Deals for Spring! From now until 4/15/15 Ohio Roofing Solutions

Do your walls feel cold to the touch? A complete thermal gun scan of your home will reveal all the cold spots in your home. There are several ways applications to insulate the walls once the home has been built. The first is to drill holes on the outside of the home. This can be done with little to change to the cosmetics of the home, if it is vinyl

Winter is upon us in Columbus, Ohio. This year many of you will see the dreaded brown spots show up on your ceiling, taunting you every time you look up. Here are a few tips to prevent roof and gutter leaks to keep your roof “winter proof”. 1. Upgrade your attic insulation. Many homeowners don’t realize the importance of proper attic insulation thickness. Attic insulation keeps your homes heat in